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Dr. Thurman Tucker is an unknown philanthropist born & raised in Flint, MI. A passionate educator, mixing his experience from the streets & collegiate education to build relationships. It was from his hood, where he learned to be resilient. “If it wasn’t for football, family, education, or my music dreams, I probably would be dead or in prison,” Cries Dr. Tucker. He played college football and his label released over 10 underground rap albums. Dr. Tucker was robbed at gunpoint in his home, while in college. “Thru the grace of GOD, I was not killed,” says Dr. Tucker. He was raised by a single parent on welfare, and frequently involved in unfortunate life situations, while dealing with the pain of two brothers being murdered & two others being sent to prison for over a decade. “I prevailed to earn 4 college degrees including a Doctorate in Education,” States Dr. Tucker. He worked for RCA & Sony BMG, recording demos for Martina McBride, Clint Black, & other famous country artists. He was a successful nightclub promoter (Tuck’s Jam) for two-years, showcasing urban entertainment in the South. Dr. Tucker owned a Retail Store (Music Jams) for 10-years before serving the welfare of others. The nephew of NBA player, Trent Tucker, who won an NBA championship with Michael Jordan. Dr. Tucker wrote his first TV Series, The Pain of The Path in 2020, scheduled to be released July 13, 2021 with a book, music soundtrack, full-length movie, and audio book. "Aligning my purpose with God and continually being a life-long learner is my ultimate goal as a professional, and something I take great pride in. I also believe that being proactive, competent, and engaged is the mark of a superior leader and is the most effective way to ensure maximum results in life."


Dr. Thurman Tucker Owner of E.B.I. Q.

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As an experienced Education Leader, I excel at formulating strategic plans for schools that will close the gap between Special Education & General Education, that establishes academic achievement, reduction in office discipline referrals & propels social growth in all students.