Where were you born? Flint, MI

Where do you currently live? U.S.A.

What do you for a living? Special Education Teacher, Author, Screen Writer, Rapper, Counselor, Athletic Coach, Basketball Official

How many years have you been teaching? 10 plus

What are your future goals? To continue building a strong faith with God & Family, stay in good health, make more money than I am spending, learn to be a better man for my woman and my son, and build relationship with students all across the world to positively impact their lives.

Have you ever had a #1 selling book? Yes, Powerful Co-Teaching

Where your parents divorced? Yes

What leadership roles have you had as a school leader, besides teaching? Assistant Principal, Chairman of Special Education Department, Dean of Students, Coordinator of Response To Intervention - Behavior

Do you have any kids? 1 son

Have you ever been nominated for Teacher of The Year? Yes

How many college degrees do you have? Four

What is your highest level of Education? Doctorate Degree

Are you married? Divorced

Are you currently single? No

Have you ever played college sports? Yes, Football at Michigan State University and Middle Tennessee State University

Have any of your family or friends ever been murdered? Yes

Have any of your family or friends ever been to prison? Yes

Where you raised on Welfare? Yes

Where you first from your family to graduate from college? Yes

How many music albums have you released? 10

What High-School did you attend? Flint Northwestern

What are your hobbies? Being with family, working out, positively impacting children, producing music and movies

Who is your favorite sports players of all-time? Trent, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant (NBA), Jerry Rice, Michael Vick, Ronnie Lott (NFL), Ozzie Smith, Willie McGee (MLB),

What are your last words? Keep It Real With Yourself